Selecting the right technology is crucial to the success of our projects.

In the scale of the overall project, great care should be taken when selecting equipment, it's essential to choose high quality.

Projects should never be driven by a supplier, it’s our responsibility to drive this decision based on performance, cost and environmental impact. First we assess your requirements then we identify what you need and subsequently find the best product for the purpose.

Our full range of products

Below are a few examples of technology we frequently use to significantly reduce energy usage of buildings. 

Warrenside farm exterior with solar panels

Solar installations

Solar Installations are the simplest way of generating on site energy in most cases. However, Archimedes screw turbines and wind turbines all feature in a variety of schemes.

Natural fibres

Sustainable insulation

All materials used on a project need to be carefully considered for their environmental impact. New forms of insulation are becoming available that are much more appropriate for a sustainable approach.

Ground source heating

Ground source heating

Generating heating from the ground is the most efficient and long lived heat pump solution. They can be based on horizontal ground loops where there is sufficient land available or boreholes in more constrained sites.

Air source heating

Air source heating

Although the air source units are installed outside so can create noise and visual disturbance, they can be an appropriate solution which are favoured due to their lower capital cost.

MHVR diagram

MVHR - Heat recovery systems

Well sealed buildings need to breathe, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery allows a high quality of internal air to be maintained without losing a lot of energy. This often forms an integral part of a high performance system.

Low Energy Lighting

Low Energy Lighting

These days LED’s can meet almost any lighting requirement if well designed. The huge reduction in energy use and longevity when in use makes them a compelling part of the solution.

Energy Efficient Glazing

Energy efficient windows and glazing

Careful consideration to heat losses and solar gains will confirm that glazing is a key part of most schemes as we seek to make best of a scheme's location.

Temperature Control Systems

Temperature Control Systems

To maximise efficiencies, temperature control and high levels of general controls is key to understanding and minimising energy use.

To discuss any of our products and how they will benefit your project, please complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.