We have a broad range of experience, from budget hotels to 5* properties.

Hotels have always taken the position that the customer gets what the customer wants, from budget hotels to 5 star hotels this guiding principle is maintained. The Malthouse Consultancy have worked with a wide range of hotels and always the emphasis has been on reinforcing this approach whilst identifying how to achieve it with the lowest carbon emissions possible.

We pride ourselves on working to help hotels improve the issues that cause the majority of customer complaints, that way we can provide double benefits of reducing energy and improving customer satisfaction which of course drives the long-term profitability of a hotel. 

On the first new build hotel project completed over 15 years ago, we achieved over 80% energy saving compared to the standard model. Many of the techniques and solutions trialled were incorporated as standard specification following that build.

The Malthouse Consultancy offers specialist Project Management services for hotels from initial concept through to full delivery of the completed schemes whether new build or refurbishments structured on the following lines:

  • Discuss the approach the hotel owners are looking to follow including:
    - Planned marketing aspects
    - The planned guests experience
    - Overall expectations/aspirations for the scheme
  • Following this initial documented discussion we would seek to agree an 'ecological brief' with the client.
  • Work with the architect and the design team to meet this brief.
  • Manage the process through construction to ensure the brief is delivered both in performance and budget.
  • Ensure commissioning is completed and onsite training is provided for the hotel management team.

See our Surrey Hotel Refurbishment project case study for more details.


Our areas of expertise: 

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