Surrey Hotel Refurbishment

The Malthouse Consultancy managed the refurbishment work at The Runnymede Hotel, Surrey.

Work undertaken:

We worked closely with the hotel to understand their requirements and requests. We researched through the energy reviews over the past years to identify all major opportunities to improve. The consumption review included water use plus gas and electricity.

We carried out a major review on all aspects of the operation of the hotel including:

  • Heat losses, how to reduce both the heat losses and solar gains to permanently reduce the buildings energy demands.
  • Review of fixtures and fittings to identify opportunities to improve such as aerated shower heads to reduce hot water use.
  • Review of plant including FCU’s across the hotel, ensuring all interim works carried out including any replacements are designed for lower temperatures and future proofed for replacement technologies.
  • Irrigation scheme altered to river extraction with EA licensing agreement saving substantial water costs.
  • Water use – borehole extraction analysis. Installation planned for 2022.

Major review of energy generation opportunities.

  • The Runnymede sits right on the Thames with a weir directly opposite. The potential to install Archimedes Screw Turbines in the weir offers wonderful potential. This has been pursued at length as it offers a great opportunity for 24/7 energy production with energy used via heat pumps to run the hotel, a perfect combination. Planning has caused significant delays but are hopeful we are near a solution. Photo shows a similar scheme nearby.
  • GSHP solutions up to 1/2MW considered. Currently we are installing a 100kW system utilising water extraction from the Thames as the energy source. This will be completed early January 22 and will run the hot water for the whole hotel.
  • Solar PV to some flat roofs and car parks are being reviewed.
  • With extensive opportunities for simultaneous heating and cooling, we can achieve a step change in the efficiency of the plant plus a reduction in plant capital over time as we move away from the need for chillers on the roofs.