Residential New Build

Our industry experts will create a bespoke sustainability plan to ensure your new build is eco and energy efficient.

It is estimated that 40% of total emissions come from our households. We have been involved in schemes from small flats, traditional family homes and very large houses. The Malthouse Consultancy offers the opportunity to future proof your residence for the rising tide of energy costs and to minimise your carbon footprint.

The process begins with a Sustainability Plan, which is developed between us and becomes the blueprint for the sustainability and energy aspects of the project. Many factors including house positioning, architecture and structural design and the design  of heat extraction systems, can be critiqued to find the best solution. The next stage of the process is Project Management, we will work alongside you and the onsite team from initial concept through to full delivery of new build schemes. 

The Malthouse Consultancy has completed many large new-build country house projects that incorporate a range of designs and products. These include:

  • Unique architectural and structural design.
  • Highly insulated frames.
  • High performance windows/glazing
  • Ground source heat pumps.
  • Mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery.
  • Low energy highly controlled lighting and integrated AV systems.
  • Very low embedded carbon timber frames or ICU systems.

See our New Build, Large Timber Country House case study for more details. 

Our areas of expertise: 

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